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Update from the Construction Team

January Highlights

    •The lower roof roofing surface preparation process has been completed, the roofing membrane application process has commenced. Furthermore, the eighth floor terrace roofing preparation process has also commenced.
    • The corridor and demising wall electrical rough-in installation is complete on the thirteenth floor.
    • The fourteenth floor the demising and corridor wall layout process is well underway; the exterior wall layout process is well underway.
    • The tower portion of the structure has had the second floor suite wall framing process completed, while that of the third floor is underway.
    • The heat pump chassis and relative insulated riser installation process is complete on the sixth floor, and well underway on the seventh.
    • The third floor podium portion has had the interior suite wall ceiling partitions are to be boarded shortly; the second floor podium boarding process has been completed. The fourth floor interior suite partitions and mechanical rough-in within the podium are nearly complete.
    •The third, fourth, and fifth floor glazing and spandrel panel installation process continues to progress. The seventh floor curtain wall frames installation is nearly complete, with that of the eighth floor having been delivered, and is to be commence shortly. Additionally a portion of the curtain wall frames for the ninth floor have been delivered.
    •The masonry installation process on the north-eastern (podium) elevation has been completed to the midpoint (balcony parapets) of the seventh floor; the brick work on the south-western elevation (tower) has commenced.

Upcoming Highlights

    • The window frame installations on the second and third floors are to be completed.
    • The exterior masonry on the structure is to commence on the ground floor at the main elevation.
    • The interior suite mechanical rough-in process is to commence.
    • The interior corridor door frame installations are to continue.